Start a New Life with a Happier and Better You

Sometimes when life is going just fine, something that drain us of all our energy, enthusiasm, and hope happens and leave us clueless as to where to start again and how. Here are a few tips to take your life in the direction you want.


1) Get Inspired:

There is a reason why success stories are being published. While no body’s life is exactly the same, and many times luck do matters; the point of these stories is the same i.e. It Is Possible. No matter how hard you are struggling now, or how lost you feel right in this moment, but the truth is there is a way.


The problem is we have been searching too hard for it but we never really took the right steps. You ‘ see in the dark, you have to light up a candle or lamp. So let’s do that first. Everything will be much clearer, and your feet will no more stumble upon obstacles, as you will know how to avoid them.

There is a reason why successful people have quotations on their walls. So, that they can see them so much that it becomes a part of their sub-conscious mind and thus, a part of their actions and decisions in life. Go through a few one-liners. Choose your favorites, print them out in bold clear letters, and paste where you can see them. Choose a one liner for your password such as: iaMhapPy7587, 893beCreatIVe, tHinkCLeVVer56 etc.

If you start to think of ways to be happy or creative or smart you will never ever find them. Instead you will start to feel discouraged and hopeless. What you want to do is to start tricking your mind into thinking that it has already accomplished that goal.  All you have to do is to repeat your goal in a positive way so many times that it becomes a part of you. Believe that you are happy, or lovable, or successful and you will start to realize and appreciate the small things that really make you happy or lovable or successful, in a way like never before. You automatically feel motivated and develop a mind-set that leads you to believe that your goal is easy to be accomplished or may be already accomplished.


2) Prioritize:

A goal without a plan is just a dream.

Prioritizing and planning are two important traits of successful people around the world. It is important to know what is necessary and what is not in order to make good choices. if your aim is to be a successful leader and also to keep your room clean which do you think is a more important goal. Many of you who thought it’s to be a successful leader, you are wrong. You will never get time to clean your room after you become a successful leader, but more importantly, you can never be successful if you are surrounded by clutter.

Planning, listing out pros and cons, researching and giving yourself time to understand your choices, decisions, and plans, will actually in long-term save a lot of time on stressful days and sleepless nights as you would know exactly how to move forward.


3) Start Small:

Slow and steady wins the race? Yes! They do.

Instead of putting on your list the task of cleaning a room, which you would obviously ignore as you don’t know where to start, divide your task into smaller ones and put each one of them separately on your list. That list may seem a little longer but it will surely be much easier to undertake and complete. So now, you can put clean cupboard and table tops, clean windows and corners, rearrange furniture, etc. on different days and so you would know exactly how much time you need to finish cleaning your room.

By diving a task in smaller tasks you give yourself an impression that the task undertaken is much easier to complete and ill take much less time, too. This way you do not beat your head thinking it is almost impossible. Plus, you are more realistic because you know that you do not need to finish the task in one go. Each step is finished separately, and in the end a bigger task is complete.


4) Make New Habits:

Always remember that something is better than nothing. If you cannot diet than don’t. Instead eat clean on two days a week. If you can’t stop smoking, we understand. Just set a limit to it, yourself.

Life is not black and white. You can neither be all good nor all bad. What we need to understand is to not try to be perfect, instead try to be better each day, everyday. Start replacing your bad habits by good ones day by day. Soon you will have developed yourself in something better. Even if your old bad habits are still with you, you will notice that you are now indulging much less.

By new habits we do not necessarily mean hobbies, you can develop a habit of exercising just for five minutes when you wake up, drinking an extra glass of water each day, smiling more often and greeting people, or playing the guitar, lying in the corner for weeks, just for ten minutes each day.

Also try to cut down on unnecessary activities to get more time for important stuff and your new habits. You can do so by setting fixed timings for checking emails, multi-tasking, and by not wasting time in worrying.


5) Meditation Twist:

A trick to being successful in your love-life, professional, and personal life is to be happy and satisfied, first with your own self. For that you need to meditate. Though people have been referring to meditation only when one sits quiet for some time concentrating on our thoughts, sometimes what you need is something different. For example, a good massage at the end of the month.

You can try something new and see if you like it or not. For example, try making Zen-tangles, writing a one-liner in your diary each day, or something as small as watering a flower plant daily.

Make something you love a part of your daily life, be it painting, yoga, a game that you like to play, a book you would love to reread, listening to music, or just try DIY nail art.

Also, make sure that you sleep for seven hours daily, as that is the time when your body repairs and refreshes itself from fatigue.

Following the above steps will help you develop yourself into a happier person in just two weeks. You will get a sense of where your life is headed and what you need to do in order to get it on track.

We hope we can help, and will be happy to receive your feedback.