Free Alarm Clock Android App for Selfie Lovers

Snap Me Up is the newest alarm on Google Play that is making its way to the hearts of all selfie lovers. The Android app combines features of an alarm clock, a nap timer, and a selfie-camera. Now, there is no sleeping over time as this alarm will go off only when you snap your selfie.



Features of Snap Me Up Alarm Clock for Selfie Lovers:
  • Simple, beautiful User Interface.
  • Easy one tap alarm setting option.
  • Combines features of a nap timer as well.
  • You can color code your alarms and naps.


  • Alarm goes off only after clicking selfie.
  • Also, has option for ending alarm normally that you can pre-select.
  • A separate in-app gallery for all your sleepy poses.
  • You can make a gif of all your selfies in a single click.
  • Sound, camera, and general settings are given.
  • You can access tutorial any time using the 3-Bar button.



How Snap Me Up Android App Works:

Download the app using the link or the QR code given at the end of the review. After it has been installed on you phone, open it. A picture tutorial appears on the screen. Once you exit the tutorial press the Red Add Button at the bottom right of the page to add alarms or naps.

The settings are very easy. You can choose time, days of the week for each alarm, color code, tone and awakening method that includes Normal and Snap.

Below is a picture to explain how to use Snap method to switch off the alarm:




All your taken snaps will be stored in the in-app gallery. You can access your selfies anytime from the app itself by clicking on the gallery button displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

Also, have some fun by making GIFs of your selfies. You can do so by clicking on the button that appears on the top right corner inside the in-app gallery.




Download Snap Me Up Alarm clock from Google Play here or scan the given QR code using a Barcode scanner to get this free Android app.

Snap Me Up QR Code


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