Best Places To Go For Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the favorite underwater activities of people all over the world. Though it isn’t considered much of a sport, the percentage of people who are willing to get this amazing experience is increasing every year. Scuba Diving opens up a new world full of beautiful, and sometimes strange, marine life. Hundreds of awe-inspiring species of fishes, never seen before seahorses, big old turtles, magnificent white sharks, and a bounteous variety of under water plants, are all waiting to be explored by scuba divers.

Scuba Diver

SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Before you can go for a dive, you need to take a certification class in which you are trained on using the scuba equipment and on diving safely. This can be achieved in few hours, after which you can go for a shallow dive on the same day. To explore regions with underwater ship wrecks, or to go deeper than 18 meters, a person needs advanced classes. These classes are certified by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) or any similar organization, and can be taken at any place that offers scuba diving.

From all the places where scuba diving is possible, we have ten of the best listed below. Take a look at these amazing places that ensure a memorable experience.


Palau, Micronesia

Scuba Diving

Palau has been rated the hottest diving spot on Earth. Dolphin Pacific, here, is a spectacular site to swim with dolphins. Palau is known for strong currents, that contributes to the most adventurous scuba diving experience.


Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles


Bonaire, a beautiful marine park in Netherlands Antilles, has a wonderful, untouched underwater world. You can explore sea creatures like parrot fish, sea turtles, and nurse sharks here. This marine park has more than a hundred diving opportunities to offer, that will keep you busy all through summer.


Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili Islands, Indonesia

The Gili Islands in Indonesia are often referred to as the turtle capital of the world. You can come here if you want to see the handsome hawks bill turtles, popular bump head parrot fish, white and black tip reef sharks, and manta rays.


Cayman Islands, British Overseas Territory

Marine Life

Cayman Islands, one of the best Caribbean scuba diving spots, is known to have good weather conditions all round the year, which makes it even more perfect to visit for an underwater dive any time of the year. Here you can see a wide variety of saltwater marine life such as angel fish and sting rays.


Papua, New Guinea
Papua New Guinea

Papua in New Guinea is the best site for scuba diving adventures of all kinds. Private lagoons, atolls, shallow reefs, deep drops, as well as an array of marine creatures and plants, makes this one of the most desired place for divers. Here, if you want, you can also explore many World War II ship wrecks.


Puerto Galera, Philippines

Puerto Galera, Philippines

Puerto Galera is one of the top scuba diving spots. It is filled with beautiful coral reefs and unimaginably awesome marine life. If you are someone like me who loves to photograph and document everything, this place would be perfect for those effortlessly beautiful underwater pictures.


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands are famous for the diversity of wildlife marine creatures including whales, pelagic fish, golden rays, sting rays, marine iguanas, and white tip reef sharks. There is no place better to get an opportunity to see this kind of marine life anywhere else in the world.


Bali, Indonesia


Bali is one of the best destination for scuba diving. Diving spots here that are rich in marine life, and therefore attract divers from all over the world. Bali offers a wide range marine life and corals. Being one of the most visited holiday destination, Bali is the best place to get a taste of both the worlds.


The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Pic

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest ecosystem of marine life in the world. This magnificent coral reef is around 7000 years old and covers more than 130,000 sq. miles. This premier scuba diving site is home to splendid water creatures like white sharks. The natural splendor here makes it the most unforgettable under water diving spot.


Cozumel, Mexico


Famous for its seaside resort town, Cozumel in Mexico is a popular site for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are 19 reefs to be explored here. A must do is Horseshoe: a 35 feet drop into an amphitheater filled with corals on Palancar Reef. Here you can encounter parrot-fish, shy green moray eels, blue tangs, and turtles.


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