10 Fun Activities To Enjoy The Summer Sun

Summers is a lovely time to enjoy with family and friends. But at the same time this hot weather is all the reason to avoid going out.

We have some great ideas of fun activities to enjoy the summer sun, while you also make some Vitamin D.


1) Enjoy a match of Badminton with friends

Enjoy Summer Sun (1)

2) Play Frisbee on the beach

Enjoy Summer Sun (2)

3) Get into a water fight

Enjoy Summer Sun (3)

4) Go cycling

Enjoy Summer Sun (4)

See our list of top sunscreens for summer 2015.


5) Enjoy your favorite water sport

Enjoy Summer Sun (5)

6) Go trekking

Enjoy Summer Sun (6)

7) Do some outdoor yoga

Enjoy Summer Sun (7)

8) Read in the park

Enjoy Summer Sun (8)

9) Go running

Enjoy Summer Sun (9)

10) Brew some hot tea in the sun

Enjoy Summer Sun (10)

P.S.: Tell us what are your favorite summer activities in the comment box below.


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