10 Weight Loss Foods That You Can Eat Without Feeling Guilty!!

Foods for Weight Loss

How many times do we skip meals while trying to lose weight but later on over-indulge because of hunger?

Here’s a list of 10 types of weight loss foods that will give you every reason to eat while on a weight loss spree.



Berries are not only delicious but great for weight loss, too. They are rich in water and fiber, which makes this fruit perfect when you want to lose some pounds without killing yourself with hunger. Try: Blueberries and Acai berries.


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Dry fruits:

A serving of dry fruits, i.e. half a cup full of your favorite dry fruits, will help you burn extra fat and reduce cholesterol. They are also a very good source of minerals and vitamins and thus, are perfect for the time you when you are dieting. Be sure to include almonds, cashews, and walnuts, too. Pistachios are good for snack time as they can help in stopping salt cravings, so you can finally stop binge-eating your chips, that you wouldn’t simply let go of.


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The best thing about oats is that you can eat them as you like, whether sweet, or spicy. Enjoy them with added hing (Indian spice; English name: Asafoetida), lemon, and turmeric (the only herb known to keep cancer away). Oats are filling and are good for anytime of the day.


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Everyone knows that eggs are a rich source of protein. What, may be, you didn’t know is that eggs help you give that beautiful glowing skin you always wanted. Add them to breakfast or dinner. Avoid eating more than one egg yolk which a good source of Vitamin-D but rich in cholesterol.


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Dark chocolate:

My favorite!! Now you can indulge in a piece of dark chocolate daily. Yes daily!! I am not even kidding! Dark chocolate is can help you lose weight by controlling appetite. The help reduce cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels and thus, you stay hunger free much longer.


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This summer quench your thirst with these weight loss drinks.



Eat a big bowl of salad before lunch. Cut your favorite vegetables, cucumber, onion, cabbage, carrots, etc. and put them in a bowl of curd. Mix well and enjoy. Instead of curd, you can also top your salad with lemon, black pepper, or olive oil.


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Soups are tasty as well as healthy options when it comes to weight loss. Plus, they are also a great source of water for your body. Soups are also great for detoxification. A bowl before dinner will make sure that you keep your dinner portions in check.


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Capsicums have thermogenic properties, which makes them perfect for fat-metabolism in your body. Consuming them before workouts will help you lose fat faster than ever. These beautifully colored vegetables, also, help in delaying fatigue and regulating blood pressure. Plus, they make food look so much more delicious. Don’t you agree?


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Yogurt are loaded with good-bacteria, proteins, and vitamins. A bowl after workout helps in recovering faster. Add berries and other fruits for an added color and taste. Try: Greek Yogurt.


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Whole Wheat Cookies:

Cookies that are rich in whole wheat will make you feel fuller for much longer after your snack time in the evening. Now, you can pair your coffee, or green tea, with these healthy cookies without feeling guilty.


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Do let us know your favorite foods in the comment box below. We will tell you how you can make them healthier options, so that you have every good reason to eat your favorite foods.