Awesome DIY Nail Art that’s Perfect for Summers!!

Summers are here and there are only three things that I need to rock my look this season. Colorful scarves, cotton dresses, and of-course gorgeous looking nail-art.

So, last week I went to the nail salon and got beautiful nail art done by their professionals. After getting compliments from friends, I wondered how I can continue to make my nails beautiful all summer long. With AC bills over my head this season, there is no way that I can go to a salon and get expensive nail art done every week. So I had to find a solution.

I mean, come on, there’s always some or the other reason (read: excuse Winking smile) to flaunt good nail-art. Don’t you agree?

I searched the internet for DIY nail art tutorials. Though I came across many tutorials for simple nail art, I thought to myself, what’s the fun in simple, right?

So, here’s a list of ten of the best DIY nail art I found on the Internet, including easy to advanced nail art techniques (not in order).

Check ‘em out! They are easier than they look.

1) Polka Dots:

Always hot in summers, polka dots are the way to go if you are a nail-art virgin. The ‘odd-one-in’ ring finger will add a little fun and surprise.

DIY Summer Nails (1)

 Source: Lacq Lustre

See more here.


2) Florals:

Floral patterns are always a hit in summers. Match your nail art with your scarf, or wear them with solid colors to add a bits of pattern to your look.

DIY Summer Nails (2)

 Source: Chalkboardnails

Watch Tutorial here.


3) Gradient:

Easy to do, looks gorgeous, too (Ooh! That almost rhymed Winking smile).

DIY Summer Nails (3)

Source: Veronica Gorgeois

 Visit website here.


4) Pastels:

Pastel colors look beautiful in summers. Pair your mauve top with this nail-art and get ready for compliments.

DIY Summer Nails (4)

Source: Pshiiit

Watch Tutorial here.


5) Beach Nails:

Beautiful play of colors to depict a beach. Flaunt with your spaghetti dress and thongs.

DIY Summer Nails (5)

 Source: Majikbeenz

See Tutorial here.


6) Inspired:

Get inspired by your love of the country or just flaunt your creativity by playing with colors and patterns.

DIY Summer Nails (6)

 Source: 20nailstudio|Via: Pinterest

More here.


7) Nude:

If you are more like someone who would not go for blue, red, or yellow nails, then don’t shy to go for nude. Decorate them as you wish. A little designing may never hurt.

DIY Summer Nails (7)

 Source: So nailicious

See more here.


8) Stripes:

Stripes can be applied in more than 20 ways: diagonal, vertical, horizontal; or have a little fun and experiment with zigzags.

DIY Summer Nails (8)

 Source: Snobka

See Tutorial here.


9) Butterfly Effect:

Flaunt this girly look, or ditch the wing lines and simply do colored French tips for your next chic DIY nail-art.

DIY Summer Nails (9)

 Source: Fundamentally Flawless|Via: Pinterest

Visit website here.


10) Geometric Twist:

If, unlike me, you are a DIY nail art expert, these amazing ones are the way to go.

DIY Summer Nails (10)

Source: Paulinas Passions

See more here.

Few minutes of fun and your beautiful nails will be ready for summer without having to spend money at the salon. Good Luck Smile

P.S.: I hope you like this article. Do mention your favorite DIY nail art in the comments below. Also, if you need any assistance on how to do any of these, don’t shy away to contact us.